Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Super Hero Storage Cabinet from a $5 Goodwill Find!

Goodwill Treasure Hunter & Guest Blogger Lisa McDowell has done it again! Lisa has been so kind to share her Goodwill discoveries and transformations. (See her coffee cup centerpiece guest blog) This time she has refinished an old cabinet she purchased for $5 from Goodwill into a vibrant Super Hero Cabinet.
Lisa McDowell: 
This is a cabinet I purchased at the Stevensville, MI  Goodwill Boutique.

It truly was $5!!  Of course, it was like Brady Bunch simulated brown wood. ;).  Wish I had the "before" pic...

I primed it in white, added a few coats of blue and black acrylic with sponge brushes (check your craft section at Goodwill!) and let it dry thoroughly between coats. 

Obviously, I repurposed some plastic lids to avoid painting the cabinet shut! 

 After plowing through many comic choices, I selected a Captain America comic book, cut apart individual cells, and arranged them temporarily for the look I wanted.

Using a furniture grade ModPodge product, I coated the individual cells, let them dry, then arranged them again and fastened them down with the ModPodge.

I hit the little handle with some black spray paint.

Allowing the product to dry, I gave the piece several protective coats re-attached the handle, and....TaDa!!!
Thank you Lisa so much for sharing your project! We appreciate your creativity and being able to see a kindly donated item to Goodwill with new eyes. 

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