Monday, January 9, 2017

Did you know that today is Clean Off Your Desk Day?

For the third year in a row, we have observed Clean Off Your Desk Day here at Goodwill.
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We mark this day by encouraging everyone to take a little bit of time to clean their desk or work station throughout our headquarters and at all of our stores. This is what we do....

We set out cleaning supplies for the day:
We share a few tips by email:

Clean your Desk from 

Take everything off your desk. Remove absolutely everything and place it all in one large pile. When it’s time to reorganize your desk, you’ll go through this pile methodically. However, don’t try to organize it now. First you need to create a clear space. Read more....

Try the Kon Mari method

Step 1. Hold an item from your desk and ask yourself this one question:

Does this spark joy?

Step 2. If you answer “yes,” keep the item.

Step 3. If you answer “no,” get rid of the item.

An Easy Way to Deep Clean Your Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor (No More Excuses!)
How to safely remove streaks from your screen, smudges from your mouse and grime from your keyboard—in three simple steps from the Wall Street Journal.  Read more...

We then have a "tag sale":

How does this tag sale work?

Any items that team members have that are unwanted are brought to a central location.

All items are free for other team members to take and use for their office or work space.
Any left over items are then processed through our donations department and sent to a store!

This is a win win for us because often times an item is not needed in one department, but exactly what another department was needing! And just like home, we often accumulate things throughout the year that served a purpose at one time, but are no longing needed.

We add a little fun by having a "before" and "after" contest with a secret judge giving a "most improved" award. 😊
If you are inspired to celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day, don't forget about donating your unwanted items to a good cause... Like Goodwill!  #CleanOffYourDeskDay
Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Treasure Chest Etsy Store

The Treasure Chest Etsy Store is no longer on hiatus and we are filling our shelves with pretty things. Take a look!
Antique Petit Trianon Collection of 3 of Books. 
These 3 books are works of art in their own right. The colors and graphics are beautiful. Part of the Petit Trianon Series published in 1901-1902. They all show wear from age but are still intact for reading. Each book measures 6.5" X 4" Etsy Link
Set of Six Vintage Enesco Japan Hand Painted Shabby Cabbage Rose/Floral Nut Dishes
Here is a sweet set of 6 Vintage Enesco Nut Bowls. Hand painted with shabby cabbage roses/florals in green & pinks.
This set has no chips or cracks, however each piece does need a gentle soapy soaking! Etsy Link
Lot of 3 Vintage Silver Charm Bracelets with Charms
3 Vintage Charm Bracelets. Two of them are Sterling Silver the other is a Monet (not sterling silver). A large assortment of charms, most of which are Sterling Silver. Etsy Link