Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hail to the working girl!

One of the major trends showing up on the runway for fall/winter 2011 are working girl dresses.  They are sophisticated and feminine (without being TOO girly), and they can be accessorized for work (duh) or for everyday!  I feel like this is such a versatile look, that it might become my go-to outfit!

Here are some examples from the Runway:

Luca Luca, Adam, and Jill Stuart Fall-Winter 2011

Here are some examples currently in the shop!

These are just a few examples of what we have right now.  To get more details on these, or to see more visit us at our Etsy shop!

Have a great week everyone!  Fall is only a few days away! :)

The Treasure Chest

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Whites

So as we come upon the labor day holiday weekend, I am reminded of the old rule: don't wear white after Labor Day.  Unfortunately for me, I just bought a white jacket, and many many white t-shirts (I needed to restock the basics ahem).  Does this mean I can't wear these pieces until summer 2012?  Does this rule even apply anymore? 

After having a momentary panic attack that my recent purchases we a waste of money, I decided to investigate.

First I found this article:

It explains where this "fashion rule" came from, and it also gives some good insight as to why it is no longer quite so hard and fast.

Secondly I found these pictures from the recent fall 2011 collections:

Nanette Lepore
Yves Saint Laurent

Alexander McQueen

Elie Saab



I'd say this is concrete proof that you most certainly CAN wear white after labor day.  In fact I'd say it's downright fashionable to do so. 

I'm going to go put on that white suit jacket now.  You can't stop me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!!!!

The Treasure Chest