Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Make Something Today - Upcycle a Scarf

We have a collection of great ideas to upcycle the scarfs in your closet or the ones that you find at Goodwill. Take a look!
Here is a No Sew Scarf to Shrug - wear with long sleeves now and a t-shirt in the summer.
Here are two amazing ideas from sadieseasongoods.com
A scarf to necklace:
Re-scarf rescue
and scarf suncatchers (made with embroidery hoops).
vintage scarf suncatchers
Hang these from a porch or a tree and they could be a pretty photo backdrop.

How about simply sewing a scarf collection together and make a quilt?
This fringed scarf turned pillow looks very cozy.
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Make Something Today with Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses - not just for drinking.
We have a terrific round up of ways to reuse and repurpose shot glasses - minus adult beverages.
Shot glasses are great for serving mini desserts like....
Brownie Parfaits
Apple Pie Parfaits

and Raspberry Cheesecake.

 Perhaps we should add a healthy idea too...

 Repurpose two things at once - a shot glass and old candles - and make new candles.

The video tutorial at Wikihow is awesome.
They make sweet little one flower vases.


Or a tiny pot for a succulent.

One last idea... a Happy Holiday decor piece.

Do you have any more ideas? Share a link!